Hitler's Grave

  • Heaven's Taxi (Working title)
Feature Film | 2009 | Drama

Shooting data

Start of shooting18/10/2009
End of shooting17/11/2009

Project data

Length of movie88
Film negative stockXDCam
Release print stockXDCam
Sound formatStereo

Brief synopsis

Atossa is a young Iranian woman whose brother has been tortured in prisons of the Islamic Republic of Iran during the recent controversial presidential elections in Iran. The brother asks his sister Atossa for two promises and just seconds before his death. The first promise is that she goes to Berlin and finds the grave of Hitler. The second promise is not heard by anyone except by the sister who flies to Berlin afterwards to fulfill her promises. We would not know the nature of the second promise until towards the end of the film where she finally delivers both promises and makes this story a most unique and emotional movie experience.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Taies FarzanAsia [L]
Pierre KiwittLars Levinson [L]
Afshin AkhavanMajid, Atossas Brother [SR]
Helgi BjörnssonDetective Hans Carlsson [SR]
Hossein DaryaniTorturer [SR]
Vahid EtemadDoctor [SR]
Farnoud FarzadPrisoner [SR]
Bernd GajkowskiPolice 3 [SR]
Vadim GlownaGrand Rabbi [SR]
Wowo HabdankMan 1 [SR]
Hassan IssaDealer [SR]
Stefania KavasWoman 2 [SR]
Jan-Andreas KemnaPolizist 1 [SR]
Katharina MicadaPolice Woman 4 [SR]
Jean Denis RömerNeonazi [SR]
Saskia RutnerPolizistin [SR]
Angela Sandritter
Woman1 [SR]
Sandra Maren SchneiderWoman 3 [SR]
Mahnaz TalebitariPrisoner [SR]
Raymond TarabayCommissar [SR]
Marina WelschWoman on the street [SR]
Mithra ZahediNaz (Translator) [SR]
Ingmar SkrinjarNazi [BP]
Michael DanischKommisar


Sound engineerHeiko Gigner
Director of photographyBrendan Flynt
Steadicam operatorOliver Valente
Still photographerFarnoud Farzad
Costume designerZula Munkhzul Purevdorj
DirectorDaryush Shokof
EditorDaryoush Zandi
Assistant editor - soundDaniel Jenatsch
Makeup artist / hair stylistAylin JandtDreh in Berlin
Assistant makeup artistLisa Schulze-GabrechtenFür den Dreh in Berlin
ComposerDaryoush Zandi
Sound designerDaniel Jenatsch
Sound designerMiroslav Babic

Production companies

Shif Productions LLC [us]

Distributing companies

Itn Distribution Inc.