Brief synopsis

    Clio is the neighbor eccentric, a grown man who lives with his mother in Brooklyn and is obsessed with super heroes. He wants to be one himself, and skips out of work to roam the neighborhood in search of people who need saving. Clio’s sidekick is Billy, a local traumatized boy who doesn’t talk.
    One afternoon, Clio and Billy head over to the local high school and watch the attractive cheerleaders practicing their cheers. When some tough guys start yelling obscene comments at the girls, Clio and Billy decide to defend their honor. Things end badly for the errant knight and his Sancho Panza, but they soon dust themselves off, have a good laugh, and set off on their next mission.


    director of photographyTory Estern
    director Gabrielle Pfeiffer
    co-producer Gabrielle Pfeiffer
    screenwriter Gabrielle Pfeiffer

    Production companies

    Epix Film Production [us]
    Koutiala Films


    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
     Gabrielle Pfeiffer1990Suffolk County Film and Video FestivalShort FilmWinner