Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2017Why Are We Creative?DocumentaryHimself
    2013William Hill - Kampagne 2013 (3 Spots)Commercialself [L]
    2012William Hill - Kampagne 2012 (4 Spots)Commercialhimself [L]
    2011God Loves CaviarFeature FilmMcCormick / Gouverneur de Zante [L]
    2008The Pink Panther 2Feature FilmCharles Dreyfus [SR]
    2007The Day The Earth Stood StillFeature FilmDr. Barnhardt [SR]Thomas Danneberg
    2006The Art of Football from A to ZDocumentaryPräsentator [SR]
    2003Around the World in 80 DaysFeature FilmSergeant [SR]
    2002PinocchioFeature FilmTalking Cricket (it./engl.) [L]John Cleese
    1989Eric the VikingFeature FilmHalfdan [SR]