Projects saved at Crew United

    2018Knoppers - Helden. Board Kirmes, Bus Dating, Amtsbingo (mehrere Spots)Commercialunit manager
    2017DKB - The Best Benefits on EarthCommercialunit manager
    2017Ford Fiesta - ParisCommerciallocation manager
    2017Vodafone - One Net Business. LäuftCommercialunit manager
    2016Smart Brabus - urbanlavaCommercialunit manager
    2016Ferrero Küsschen - WeihnachtssongCommercialunit manager
    2016Cobi - Join the MovementCommercialunit manager
    2016Opel Mokka X - LED, Kollisionswarner, Unterhaltung, Ergonomie (Webfilme)Commercialunit manager
    2016Parship - SuseCommercialunit manager
    2016Sparkasse - PaydirectCommercialunit manager
    2016Obi - Der Frühling ist voller Obi Momente (mehrere Spots)Commercialunit manager
    2015General Electric - Talking to a WallCommercialunit manager
    2015Postbank - Finanzassistent. AmpelCommercialunit manager
    2015Bosch - No Frost KühlgeräteCommercialunit manager
    2015Mercedes-Benz - Europameisterschaft. Vive la Mannschaft, ScoreCommerciallocation manager
    2015Union Investment - Rätsel des Alltags 2Commerciallocation manager
    2015Parship - Herbst 2015Commercialunit manager - E-Mail made in GermanyCommerciallocation manager
    2015Axe - Find Your MagicCommerciallocation manager
    2015Ferrero Küsschen - MixCommercialunit manager