Projects saved at Crew United

    2009European Film Awards 2009TV-Event, arteexecutive producer
    2008European Film Awards 2008TV-Eventexecutive producer
    2007European Film Awards 2007TV-Eventexecutive producer
    2006European Film Awards 2006TV-Event, arteexecutive producer
    2006European Film Awards 2006TV-Eventexecutive producer
    2005Mary on the WaterFeature Filmfreelance producer
    2004Take Your LifeFeature Filmassistant-/ junior-producer
    2004Almost Heaven - Ein Cowgirl auf JamaikaFeature Filmassistant-/ junior-producer
    2003Georgian Love SongTV Movie, arte, BR [de], SWR [de]assistant-/ junior-producer
    2003Mouth To MouthFeature Filmassistant-/ junior-producer
    2002Big Girls Dont CryFeature Filmassistant production managerab Postproduktion
    2001Russian ArkFeature Filmassistant production manager