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About Jenny Barth

Lightsetting DoP.
Fiction. Documentary. Imagefilms. Art installations. Workshops.
German native living in Berlin.
Lived in NYC for 2 years, where i worked as electrician /grip and shot reports for TV channels.
Foreign languages: English (good), Italian (basic), French(basic)

Projects as director of photography

YearTitleGenredirector of photographyProducerComment
2017Sascha und Natascha - Die Schatzis (4 Filme)Music Video Jenny BarthJenny Barth Produktion
2015FukushimaExerimental Film Jenny BarthAymeric Nager Produktion
2013Mira Onirica - Lady RachelMusic VideoMultipleDado TV Produktion GmbH
2011Mondo PomodoroShort Feature Film Jenny BarthDado TV Produktion GmbH
2010Subharchord – A Child of the Golden AgeDocumentary Jenny BarthPNEK [no]
2010Simplify Your SoulIndie Feature FilmMultipleFKK Film Produktion [de]
2009Achtung Psychonauten - Der Künstler Thomas ZippDocumentaryMultipleSonja Baeger Film [de]
2009Balkan Dreams - Life in the Rhythm of 9/16Documentary FeatureMultiple Finimondo Productions
2009The DrifterFeature Film Jenny BarthTuranskyj & Ahlrichs GbR [de]Berlinale Forum 2010
2009VoodootronikShort Feature Film Jenny BarthHFMA Hessische Film- und Medienakademie
2009Auf eigenen FüßenShort Feature Film Jenny BarthHFMA Hessische Film- und Medienakademie
2008Grünenthal GmbH - VersatisCorporate Film Jenny BarthBSMO Business Solutions Medicine Online GmbH
2008Vor dem TagDocumentary Jenny BarthKulturfabrik Meda e.V. Mittelherwigsdorf [de]
2008Station BerlinDocumentary Jenny BarthKulturfabrik Meda e.V. Mittelherwigsdorf [de]
2007Landkreis Oberhavel Plansoll (Ausstellungsfilm zur gleichnamigen Ausstellung)Exhibition Film Jenny Barthmesh design - HackerCommercial Jenny BarthKleinerRessler Filmproduktion GmbH & Co. KG
2006The Secret Society - Another FlashMusic Video Jenny BarthC.H.I.F.F.R.E. Productions, Marc Scheffer
2006Spiegel der Erinnerung (Multimediainstallation)Short Feature Film Jenny BarthDuncan McCauley Produktion
2005Kate ist Kate / 2,3,4Feature FilmMultipleThe Icelandic Film Corporation [is]
2005Liquido - Love me, Love meMusic Video Jenny BarthConchita Soares Produktion

Basic data

LanguagesEnglish (Fluent), French (Basic knowledge), Italian (Basic knowledge)
Experience abroadNorth America: USA
Immediate working areaBerlin
1st residence (federal state or country)Berlin
Accommodation possibilitiesNew York