Projects saved at Crew United

    2016The Milk SystemDocumentary, arte, RBB [de]Sound Recordist (Non Fiction)
    2016The Sixth ContinentDocumentary Featureproduction sound mixer
    2016Von Männern und VäternDocumentary, ORF [at], RAI [it], ZDF [de]production sound mixer
    2015The Fifth Point of the CompassDocumentary Featuresound designer
    2009Genius Loci - lo spirito del luogo in Alto AdigeDocumentarycomposer
    2007Uscita / The Way outDocumentarycomposer
    2006Franco D'Andrea - Jazz PianistDocumentaryproduction sound mixer
    2004Meine 3 ZinnenDocumentary, arte, ORF [at]production sound mixer
    1998SurnormaleShort Feature Filmproduction sound mixer
    1995ClaraShort Feature Filmdirector of photography