Projects saved at Crew United

    2017The Next is Yet to ComeShort Feature Filmexecutive producer
    2016I’d Rather be Half Right than Vice President (Restaurationsfassung)Short Feature FilmproducerRestoration
    2016The Ghost of Wittgenstein (Restaurationsfassung)Short Feature FilmproducerRestoration
    2016Lost in Cuddihy (Restaurationsfassung)Short Feature FilmproducerRestoration
    2016The Uncertainty Has SettledDocumentaryproducer
    2015A Schneider TrilogyShort Feature Filmproducer
    2015A Schneider TrilogyShort Feature Filmscript translator
    2015A Weekend at the Beach with Jean-Luc Godard (Restaurationsfassung)Short Feature Filmproducer
    2015A Weekend at the Beach with Jean-Luc Godard (Restaurationsfassung)Short Feature Filmscript translator
    2015Kanthari - Change from WithinDocumentaryproducer
    2014Somewhere on Orchard StreetExerimental Filmproducer
    2012Between BordersShort Documentaryproducer
    2012Between BordersShort Documentaryscript doctor
    2010The Voice of 650 Million Times OneDocumentaryproducer
    2009Endangered SpeciesExerimental Filmproducer
    2007From Disco to DiscoVideo Installationproducer
    2007From Disco to DiscoVideo Installationscreenwriter
    2004More or Less Related Incidents in Recent HistoryDocumentaryproducerRestoration
    2003The Two Woodstock Festivals of 1994Short Feature Filmproducer