Projects saved at Crew United

    2019Die Geschichte des Trümmermädchens Charlotte SchumannFeature FilmKooperation
    2019HarrietShort Film
    2019Love & 50 MegatonShort Film
    2019Extra SauceShort Film
    2019Extra SauceShort Film
    2019Lakewood - Wake Her SoulSpec Commercial
    2019StrangerShort Film
    2019APM - Something is wrongCommercial
    2019Agnes 3000Workshop-Production
    2019NimrodShort Film
    2019Sneeboer & Zn - Tools for LifeSpec Commercial
    2019FrenzyShort Film
    2019A long distance callShort Film
    2019Hugo Boss - Be the Boss you want to beSpec Commercial
    2019VersagerMedium Length Film
    2019Breitling - Changing AltitudeSpec Commercial
    2019Steinway & Sons - Key MomentSpec Commercial
    2018The BuzzerShort Documentary