Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2016A Little Something for Your BirthdayFeature FilmSenna Berges [L]
    2015Life on the LineFeature FilmDuncan's Mother [SR]
    2015Agent XTV Series, TNT Serie [de]Natalie Maccabee [SS]
    2015Restylane - Proof IRL (Sharon Stone)Commercialselbst [L]
    2012What About LoveFeature FilmLinda Tarlton [L]
    2010Largo Winch IIFeature FilmDiane Francken [L]
    2008Five Dollars A DayFeature FilmDolores Jones [L]
    2007When a Man Falls in the ForestFeature FilmKaren Fields [L]
    2006BobbyFeature FilmMiriam [L]
    1999Picking Up the PiecesFeature FilmCandy Cowley [L]
    1998SphereFeature FilmDr. Elizabeth 'Beth' Halperin [L]