Projects saved at Crew United

    2015KanoneShort Feature Film4th AD / Additional AD
    2014InstalifeShort Feature Filmsound re-recording mixer
    2014The Last OneShort Feature Filmsound designer
    2014The Last OneShort Feature Filmproducer
    2014Nach der Wahrheitmedium length Film1st assistant director
    2014Sony - The Last OneSpec Commercialproducer
    2014StillShort Feature Filmpost production supervisor
    2014Black & Decker - DustbusterSpec Commercialproducer
    2013VW - The Shepherd. Comfort by natureSpec Commercialproducer
    2013PietàShort Feature Filmsound designer
    2013PietàShort Feature Filmproducer
    2013Sneeze FreezeShort Feature Filmproducer
    2013Ferrari - The LegendSpec Commercialproduction driver
    2012NachtschichtShort Documentaryproducer
    2012Hit The Road GunnarIndie Feature Filmsound designer