Jacki Bornholz
  • freelance producer (32)
  • unit production manager (7)
Born on 13.09.1976 (42 Years)


Balthasarstrasse 2950670  KölnGermany
Mobile+49 177 3275921

About Jacqueline Bornholz

Producer / Production Manager

Projects as freelance producer

2018C&A - #BestDeal Angebote (6 Spots)CommercialLars KnorrnRabbicorn Films GmbH (formerly Jotz! Filmproduktion GmbH) [de]
2017Bref - FrankensteinCommercialRyan Patrick new.id filmproduktion gmbh
2016HUK Coburg - Finn & FailCommercialSinan Akkus new.id filmproduktion gmbh
2016Turkcell Europe - KochenCommercialSinan Akkus new.id filmproduktion gmbh
2016Rewe Willms Fleisch - Zum scharfen EckCommercialDino Fetzer new.id filmproduktion gmbh
2015Henkel - Somat ZeroCommercialMarkus Stummer new.id filmproduktion gmbh
2015OuiCar - WaldbungalowCommercialAchim Lippothproductionunit GmbH
2014Persil - Short Formats. Residues, Deep in Fiber, MileageCommercialFlorian Cossen new.id filmproduktion gmbh
2013Pril - BiggerCommercialRalph Loop new.id filmproduktion gmbh
2013Autobahn Tank & Rast - Sommer Menu 2013CommercialSven Stausberg new.id filmproduktion gmbh
2012Spee Black - Black looks good on youCommercial Marcel-Kyrill Gardelli new.id filmproduktion gmbhDreh in Berlin
2012Persil Mega Caps - Short Format. Easy, Experience, Pile of washinCommercialFlorian Cossen new.id filmproduktion gmbh
2012Seven One Media - The GrillingCommercialTim Günther Greenskyfilms GmbHnur Prep
2012Ehrmann Almighurt - VerliebtCommercialAndreas Schäfer [1] Greenskyfilms GmbHDreh in den Bergen von Garmisch
2012s.Oliver - DifferenceCommercialIvo Wejgaard Palladium Commercial Productions GmbHDreh in Madrid
2012Pril - Vanishing HelpersCommercialTomasz Thomson Palladium Commercial Productions GmbH
2011Haribo - Phantastische ZeltgeschichteCommercialCatharina 'Nina' Roland Palladium Commercial Productions GmbHDreh mit Thomas Gottschalk
2011New Yorker Fragrances - KopfkinoCommercialIvo Wejgaard Palladium Commercial Productions GmbHDreh in NRW & Kapstadt
2011Mäurer & Wirtz 4711 - I feel NouveauCommercialMatthias Zentner Palladium Commercial Productions GmbHDreh mit Phantom & Hydroflex (Unterwasse
2010Betty Barclay Parfüm - ChicCommercialIvo Wejgaard Palladium Commercial Productions GmbHDreh mit Eva Padberg

Film projects in other capacities

2013Pril - BiggerCommercialRalph Loop new.id filmproduktion gmbhproducer
2013Autobahn Tank & Rast - Sommer Menu 2013CommercialSven Stausberg new.id filmproduktion gmbhproducer
2007Johanniter Unfallhilfe - Aus Liebe zum LebenImage FilmOliver Julius Palladium Commercial Productions GmbHproduction coordinator

Basic data

LanguagesEnglish (Good), Russian (Basic knowledge)
Experience abroadAustralia and Oceania: Australia
South Africa: South Africa
Southern Europe: Spain
Western Europe: Austria
Immediate working areaCologne
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - North Rhine-Westphalia
Accommodation possibilitiesBerlin, Hamburg, Munich