Projects saved at Crew United

    201520xShort Filmcolorist
    2015ChangeShort Filmcolorist
    2015Maja Turowskaja - OskolkiDocumentary (Mini Series)colorist
    2014Jesus CriesFeature Filmcolorist
    2014Shakir (Episode des dffb-Akademiefilms 2014)Short Filmcolorist
    2014AnywaysShort Filmcolorist
    2014Babushka, where are the guests?Short Filmcolorist
    2013Black Panther - The Story Of Emilie And JacobFeature Filmcolorist
    2013Not the Time for GuitarsShort Filmcolorist
    2013Ein blinder Held - Die Liebe des Otto WeidtTV Movie, NDR [de]colorist
    2013Komm und SpielShort Filmcolorist
    2012European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme - cycLEDImage Filmcolorist
    2012Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - 350 Jahre. Für Kultur und WissenschaftImage Filmcolorist
    2012Miele - Design for Life 2013 (53 Clips)Commercialcolorist
    2012Interferenz (aka. Nadja)Short Filmcolorist
    2012Der kleine Rabe SockeFeature Filmcolorist
    2012Far End of the Milky WayDocumentarycolorist
    2011Summer of DreamsIndie Feature Filmcolorist
    2011RauchShort Film, RBB [de]colorist
    2011Stolz des OstensShort Film, RBB [de]colorist