Projects saved at Crew United

    2014Berliner Volksbank - Konzept GenossenschaftCommercialproduction manager
    2014Philips - Customer StoryImage Filmproduction coordinator
    2014SEAT - EintauschprämieCommercialassistant production manager
    2014Philips - Digital Radiography Portfolio. Intro (Internetfilm)Commercialassistant production manager
    2014CoreMedia - User Summit 2014Image Filmfreelance producer
    2014Collins - About youCommercialline producer
    2013CoreMedia - Connect 2013Image Filmfreelance producer
    2013Tesa - Waterproof PowerstripsCommercialassistant production manager
    2013Panasonic - EspressoImage Filmassistant production manager
    2013LUX - Save your SkinSpec Commercialproduction manager
    2013Olympus Endoalpha - Insightful WishesImage Filmassistant production manager
    2013Olympus - 3DCommercialassistant production manager
    2012Philips Medical Systems - MammoDiagnost DR with Advanced StereoCorporate Filmassistant production manager
    2012Das Huhn und die HeuschreckeShort Feature Filmproduction manager
    2012Panasonic Lumix TZ31 - Leaving HomeCommercialassistant production manager
    2011Panasonic - Fired upCommercialassistant production manager
    2011Auf einer WellenlängeShort Feature Filmproduction manager
    2011Panasonic AG - HPX 250. The ChallengeCommercialassistant production manager
    2010ShoppingShort Feature Filmproduction sound mixer
    2010Hausnummer 19 (Web-Serie)Seriesproduction manager