Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2018Head full of Honey (aka Honey in the Head)Feature FilmN.N. [L]
    2014A Walk in the WoodsFeature FilmStephen Katz [L] Tommi Piper
    2013The Trials of Kate McCallFeature FilmBridges [L]
    2012NoahFeature FilmSamyaza [SR]
    2011The Company You KeepFeature FilmDonal [SR]
    2011WarriorFeature FilmPaddy Conlon [L] Tommi Piper
    2011A puerta friaFeature FilmMr. Battleworth [L]
    2008Tropic ThunderFeature FilmFour Leaf Tayback [SR]
    2005Paris, je t'aimeFeature FilmVater [SR]Thomas Danneberg
    2005NeverwasFeature FilmT.L. Pierson [L]
    2002HulkFeature FilmFather [SR]
    1991The PlayerFeature FilmNick Nolte [SR]