About Francesco Cirolini

Actor, Fight and fencing choreographer


1996/9 to 1999/7Hamburger Schauspiel-Studio Frese

Projects as actor

2016We Take YouShort Feature Film David WagnerSchlepper [SR]
2011Land of IceShort Feature Film Alexander OberhauserFatih Demir [SR]
2005SOKO KitzbühelTV Series, ORF [at], ZDF [de]MultipleFrancesco [SR]
2004Il GiocoShort Feature FilmZeno von TrappGiovanni [L]
2001The Air Rescue TeamTV Series, ZDF [de]MultipleAdi [SR]

Basic data

Height177 cm
Weight78 kg - 171 lb.
Body typeathletic-sporty
Clothing size50
Ethnic appearanceWhite Central European
Hair colourdark brown
Hair lengthshort
Eye colourblue
LanguagesGerman (Native speaker)
DialectsTyrolese (Native dialect)
Voice typeBaritone
Immediate working areaMunich
1st residence (federal state or country)Tyrol
2nd residence (where applicablen)Hamburg
Accommodation possibilitiesVienna