Projects saved at Crew United

    2015Sisters! - Share everything.Feature Filmdirector of photography
    2014Playmobil - Winter 2014Commercialdirector of photography
    2013Playmobil - Sommer 2013Commercialdirector of photography
    2013Playmobil Aufklapp-Spiel-Box - Figures, Polizei & Große BergweltCommercialdirector of photography
    2012Playmobil - Herbst 2012Commercialdirector of photography
    2012Playmobil - Fußball, Polizei, ReiterhofCommercialdirector of photography
    2012Playmobil - Sommer 2012Commercialdirector of photography
    2009Playmobil - Herbst 2009 (Schatzjäger, Tierpark, Mitnahmefahrzeuge)Commercialdirector of photography
    2009Playmobil - Sommer 2009 (Drachenland, Feuerwehr, Schule, Pet Clinic, Castle, Adventskalender)Commercialdirector of photography
    2009Carrera® Go!!! - Adaption 2009Commercialdirector of photography
    2008MAN Nutzfahrzeuge - Trucks. Frischer WindCommercialdirector of photography
    2008Carrera® GO!!! - DigitalCommercialdirector of photography
    2007Playmobil - 03/2007 (Müllabfuhr, Kehrmschine, Piratenschiff, Mitnahmeinsel)Commercialdirector of photography
    2007Playmobil - Frühjahr 2007Commercialdirector of photography
    2004Sony PlayStation 2 - Victorious VictorCommercialdirector of photography
    2004Playmobil - Treasure ChestCommercialdirector of photography
    2002Vom Fallen und vom FliegenShort Feature Filmdirector of photography
    2002Playmobil - 9021Commercialdirector of photography
    2001Playmobil - RC CarCommercialdirector of photography
    1999UBS AG - SmokingCommercialdirector of photography