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Roman Pusch
Kastanienallee 9110435  BerlinGermany
Phone+49 179 6756095


Our MOTION PICTURES DEPARTMENT is providing film productions with specially selected vehicles.From cars you hardly ever see on the road- rare oldtimers, tuning cars, sports and racing cars, military vehicles to ships and boats. Vehicles of all genres, ages and kinds.
We have access to a large network of collectors, automobile clubs, car makers and many other owners of rare and exceptional cars and vehicles.
Our on set full service is freeing you from logistical worries such as delivery and pick up of your required vehicles and storage on days when they are not needed. We will also gladly take care of maintenance and care at the film set itself.
What kind of vehicle will fit the movie?
Why not consult us with your script?

Film projects

2018The Girl in the Spider's WebFeature FilmFede AlvarezThe Cantillon Company [us]Transports Picture Vehicles
2018SweetheartsFeature FilmKaroline Herfurth Hellinger / Doll Filmproduktion GmbHTransports Picture Vehicles
2017Acht TageTV Series, Sky [de] (vormals Premiere)Multiple NEUESUPER GmbHnur Fahrzeuge
2017Deutschland 86TV Series, Amazon VideoMultipleUFA Fiction GmbH [de]SAAB 900
2016Radegund (aka Jägerstätter)Feature FilmTerrence MalickStudio Babelsberg Motion Pictures GmbH [de]
2015A Cure For WellnessFeature FilmGore VerbinskiBlind Wink Productions [us]Mercedes SEL
2014Der Fall BarschelTV Movie (multi-part), ARD [de], Degeto [de] Kilian Riedhof Zeitsprung Pictures GmbH (formerly Zeitsprung Entertainment GmbH)Spielfahrzeuge Deutschland
2014Drunter & BrüderTV Movie, ARD [de], Degeto [de]Ulli Baumann Olga Film GmbHLand-Rover
2014LöwenzahnTV Series, ZDF [de]Multiple Studio-TV-Film GmbHdiverse Fahrzeuge
2014Deutschland 83TV Series, RTLMultipleUFA Fiction GmbH [de]Renault Estafette
2013The Fifth EstateFeature FilmBill CondonDream Works SKG [us]Berlin; BMW Kombi,Audi,Golf,Mercedes,ua.
2013Let's goTV Movie, BR [de], Degeto [de], WDR [de]Michael VerhoevenEikon Süd GmbH [de]Spielfahrzeuge
2013Die Spiegel-AffäreTV Movie, arte, BR [de], Degeto [de], WDR [de]Roland Suso Richter Wiedemann & Berg Television GmbH & Co. KGSpielfahrzeuge
2013Day & NightDocumentary Series, RTL II [de]Multiple filmpool entertainment GmbHCitroen CX
2013LöwenzahnTV Series, ZDF [de]Multiple Studio-TV-Film GmbHdiverse Fahrzeuge
2013Helene Fischer - Atemlos durch die NachtMusic VideoOliver SommerAVA Studios GmbH [de]BMW M6 Cabriolet
2012PassionFeature FilmBrian De PalmaSBS Films [fr]London Taxi, Volvo R
2012Posthumous. An Artful AffairFeature FilmLulu WangFlying Box Productions [us]VW Phaeton
2012Kokowääh 2Feature FilmTil SchweigerBarefoot Films GmbH [de]Range Rover
2012Meeres StilleFeature FilmJuliane Fezer Julex-FilmVolvo 244

Company data

Date of company foundation2000
Immediate working areaHead office: Berlin