Projects saved at Crew United

    2010EgoShort Filmproduction sound mixer
    2010Yago CityboyShort Filmproduction sound mixer
    2009Unser ach so kurzes LebenShort Filmproduction sound mixer
    2009Sollys TrackDocumentary (Series), 3satproduction sound mixer
    2009Sollys TrackDocumentary (Series), 3satassistant production manager
    2009Der DoppelgängerShort Filmboom operator
    2009Sterben MachenShort Filmproduction sound mixer
    2007SOS Kinderdörfer - Bruder JakobCommerciallocation scout
    2007SOS Kinderdörfer - Bruder JakobCommercialset manager / 3rd AD
    2007DrifterDocumentaryassistant production manager
    2007Arte Entdeckung - Moose. Unscheinbar starkDocumentary (Series)1st assistant director
    2006The World Belongs to ChaimDocumentary (Series), 3satassistant production manager
    2004Blaupunkt - Velocity to goImage Filmproduction driver