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Nicholas Conradt
Seiboldstrasse 3386911  Dießen am AmmerseeGermany
Mobile+49 172 7525970
Phone+49 8807 9463633
Fax+49 8807 9463655


    Production and production service company for commercials, feature films, corporate- and image films, documentarys with expierience in most formats (incl. HD and IMAX) and a lot of countries;

    Projects as producer

    2009NSN Nokia Siemens Networks - 10 Customer Testimonials (WT)Corporate FilmNicholas Conradt
    2008NSN Nokia Siemens Networks - Ivory Coast Event ´08Corporate FilmNicholas Conradt
    2006AschermittwochShort Film, arte, BR [de]Ileana CosmoviciBerlinale 2007 Persp. Deutsch. Film
    2005TraditionShort FilmPeter Ladkani
    2005BMW - Zwei FreundeCommercialOlli Boehm
    2005Audi (Händlervideo)Corporate FilmJ.W. Johann Wolfgang Harth
    2005BMW AG - Image 2005Corporate FilmHelmut Bückle - Einfach wetten!CommercialMarkus Stummer
    2004VincentShort Film, BR [de]Giulio RicciarelliPrix UIP Valladolid 2005, Premiere Hof
    2004Ein Koffer ist kein Kinderzimmer (WT)DocumentaryTom Tamar Pauer2008 - Endlich Fertig - Festivaltour
    2004Ferrero KinderBueno - Language ClassCommercialRoger Spottiswoode
    2004GeräuschemacherDocumentarySascha Oreskovic
    2004Audi - CRM Consumer Interaction CenterCorporate FilmJ.W. Johann Wolfgang Harth
    2004Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - Chill out zoneCommercialOlli Boehm
    2003Gobi SoloDocumentary, ORF [at]Jan Bernotatam 26. Febr 04 auf ORF gesedet
    2003Slight Changes in Temperature and MindFeature Film, arte, BR [de], SWR [de]Cyril TuschiPremiere in Hof, Berlinale
    2003Isis und OsirisShort FilmMarkus Beck
    2003Ferrero Kinderüberraschung - Die ÖtzisCommercialHolger Neuhäuser
    2002The Zen WarriorShort Film, Sky [de] (vormals Premiere)Martin Kowalczykam 25. April 04 Premiere
    2001Geberit - WasserCorporate FilmJ.W. Johann Wolfgang Harth


    Company data

    Experience abroadAustralia and Oceania: Australia
    Central America: Bahamas
    Middle East: Israel, Saudi Arabia
    North Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Morocco
    North America: Mexico
    Northern Europe: Finland
    East Asia: South Korea
    South America: Brazil
    Southern Europe: Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Italy, Spain
    Southeast Asia: Hongkong, India, Macau, Nepal
    West Africa: Cote d'Ivoire
    Western Europe: Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain
    Date of company foundation2001
    Permanent employees1
    Immediate working areaHead office: Dießen am Ammersee, Bayern