Projects saved at Crew United

    2017RückschlagShort Feature Filmeditoraka Toby Oliver
    2017RückschlagShort Feature Filmdirectoraka Toby Oliver
    2017RückschlagShort Feature Filmscreenwriteraka Toby Oliver
    2015The Peculiar Abilities of Mr. MahlerShort Feature Filmstandby props
    2014CircleShort Feature Filmset manager / 3rd AD
    2013Naked SurvivalShort Feature Filmdirector
    2012The TreatmentShort Feature Filmdirector
    2012EVBS Geislingen - One EnergyImage Filmdirector
    2012White PillowShort Feature Filmdirector
    2010In DiscordiaShort Feature Filmdirector of photography
    2010In DiscordiaShort Feature Filmscreenwriter
    2010In DiscordiaShort Feature Filmeditor
    2010In DiscordiaShort Feature Filmdirector
    2010Family AffairsIndie Feature Filmeditor
    2010Family AffairsIndie Feature Filmproducer
    2010Family AffairsIndie Feature Filmdirector
    2009Forever YoursShort Feature Filmproducer
    2009Forever YoursShort Feature Filmscreenwriter
    2009Forever YoursShort Feature Filmeditor
    2009Forever YoursShort Feature Filmdirector