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Sarah Ensel
Neue Grünstr. 17Berlin  10179Germany
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    About Februar Film GmbH

    The team of FEBRUAR FILM is made up of experienced and award-winning writers, directors, researchers and production personnel who create films and television formats for the German and international markets focusing on history, society, science and adventure. The documentaries and docu-dramas the company has produced include series and one-offs for ZDF, MDR, WDR, NDR, BR, RB, ARTE, 3SAT, DW, and Servus TV. Thanks to international cooperation deals and marketing, FEBRUAR FILM’s productions are shown worldwide by several dozen different broadcasters.

    In addition, FEBRUAR FILM has specialized in producing dramatized scenes for documentaries and docu-dramas. Through close cooperation with directors of both fiction and non-fiction, with screenwriters and experienced cinematographers, the company has created acted scenes ranging from associative storylines to elaborate re-enactments

    Projects as production

    2021Cold Cases (WT)Documentary Series, VOX [de]Multiple
    2021Terra X - Das Uhrwerk des Lebens (WT)Documentary (Mini Series), arte, ZDF [de]Multiple
    2021Kudamm 63 - Die DokumentationDocumentaryHeike Nelsen
    2021AOK - KrebsEducational SeriesMultiple
    2021Die Geschichte des Todes (WT)Documentary, arte, ZDF [de]Heike Nelsen
    202037° Grad - Bei aller Liebe. Paare mit großem AltersunterschiedDocumentary (Series), ZDF [de]Multiple
    2020AOK - KrebsEducational SeriesJonatan Geller-Hartung
    2020DsJR - der satirische Jahresrückblick 2020Documentary, ZDF [de], ZDFinfo [de]Multiple
    2020Futurium - Rettet Biotech die Zukunft?Web MagazineFlorian Hartung
    2020Gesetzlos (WT)Documentary (Mini Series), ZDF [de], ZDFinfo [de]Multiple
    2020Deutschlands große Clans - Die 4711-StoryDocumentary (Series), ZDF [de]Multiple
    2020Ein Staat geht. Abschied von der DDRDocumentary, ZDF [de]Christin Köppen
    2020AOK - DemenzEducational SeriesJohannes Sievert
    2019Das Erbe der TreuhandDocumentary (Mini Series), ZDF [de]Multiple
    2019DsJR - Der satirische Jahresrückblick 2019Documentary, ZDF [de]Multiple
    2019Der Osten. Entdecke wo du lebst - Der Stausee Hohenfelden. Die Badewanne ErfurtsDocumentary (Series), MDR [de]Maxine Brueckner
    201937° Grad - Wo ist meine Familie? Mit dem Suchdienst auf der SpurDocumentary (Series), ZDF [de]Multiple
    2019Preis der Freiheit - Die DokumentationDocumentary, ZDF [de]Florian Hartung
    2019Bella Germania. Die DokumentationDocumentary, ZDF [de]Heike Nelsen
    2019TimeRide BerlinVR ExperienceDolunay Gördüm

    Company data

    Date of company foundation2010
    Permanent employees12
    Immediate working areaHead office: Berlin