Projects saved at Crew United

    2018VaterslandFeature FilmKoproduktion
    2017The Family who Hid in the CellarShort Feature Film
    2013Elderly SpringShort Feature Film
    2012Les BrigandsFeature Film
    2012Bad LuckFeature Filmkoproduzierend
    2011Love EternalFeature Film
    2011IbijaziShort Feature Film
    2011Die Erfindung der LiebeFeature FilmKoproduktion
    2009Pido PerdonShort Feature Film
    2008House of BoysFeature Film
    2008DustFeature Film
    2008UniversaloveFeature Film
    2007SenteursShort Feature Film
    2006JoshShort Feature Film
    2005Perl oder PicaFeature Film
    2004Nuit AmereShort Feature Film
    2002W (Double You)Short Feature Film