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John Bergerhausen
Ubierring 61a50678  KölnGermany
Phone+49 221 57964-30

    About Broadview TV GmbH

    BROADVIEW is one of the leading independent German documentary film production companies. The production house has established itself over the last thirteen years in the sectors of contemporary history, current affairs and culture as a reliable partner for German and international broadcasters and distributors. The received awards include an International Emmy, German Television Price, Magnolia Award and Banff Television Award.
    The company's successes over the years are characterised by the appropriate treatment of highly controversial historical subjects, interviews conducted in sensitive fashion, thorough archive research and stylish dramatic structure. The picture is rounded off by collaboration with major composers and orchestras, and the lavish musical score lends a distinctive tone to the films - many of which are written and directed by award winning directors.

    Projects as producer

    2019Palast der GespensterDocu-FictionHeike Bittner
    2019Antibiotika - Das Ende der MedizinDocu-FictionMarc Rensing
    2018KroosDocumentary FeatureManfred Oldenburg
    2018Frauen und FlusslandschaftDocumentary FeatureTorsten Körner
    2018Ingmar Bergman - Herr der DämonenDocumentary, 3sat, ZDF [de]Henrike Sandner
    2018Ryan Gosling - Hollywoods HalbgottDocumentary, arteJana Buchholz
    2018Too Young To Die - Karen Carpenter. Sehnsucht nach LebenDocumentary (Series), arteJobst Knigge
    2018Too Young To Die - Chester BenningtonDocumentary (Series), arteFrank Diederichs
    2017Die SteinkohleDocumentary (Mini Series)Manfred Oldenburg
    2017Jack Nicholson - Das teuflische Grinsen HollywoodsDocumentary, 3sat, ZDF [de]Annette Baumeister
    2017Unser Land in den 1970ern - Als das Wetter verrückt spielteDocumentary, WDR [de]Jobst Knigge
    2017Resistance Fighters - Die globale Antibiotika-KriseDocumentaryMichael Wech
    2016HeddaTV Movie, 3sat, arte, ZDFkultur (vormals ZDFtheaterkanal) [de]Andreas Kleinert
    2016Pioniere aus NRW - Titus Dittmann. Der Skateboard-PionierDocumentary (Series)Marika Liebsch
    2016Unser Land - Die 80er. Der Pott bebtDocumentary, WDR [de]Jobst Knigge
    2016Unser Land - Die 70er. Stürmische ZeitenDocumentary (Series), WDR [de]Jobst Knigge
    2015Auf der Jagd - Wem gehört die Natur?Documentary FeatureAlice Agneskirchner
    2015Too Young To Die - Falco. Sterben, um zu lebenDocumentary (Series), arteJobst Knigge
    2015Sinatra - The Voice of AmericaDocumentary, arteAnnette Baumeister
    2015Too Young To Die - Bruce Lee. Die Faust HollywoodsDocumentary (Series), arteAnnette Baumeister

    Company data

    Experience abroadAustralia and Oceania: New Zealand
    Middle East: United Arab Emirates
    North America: Canada, USA
    Northern Europe: Sweden
    Eastern Europe: Russia, Ukraine
    Southern Europe: Greece, Spain
    Southeast Asia: Bangladesh, Thailand
    Western Europe: Great Britain, Scotland
    Date of company foundation1999
    Immediate working areaHead office: Cologne