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Markus Kaatsch
Riemannstr. 21 (aug&ohr medien)10961  BerlinGermany
Phone+49 30 61620068

    About aug&ohr medien

    “aug&ohr medien” is a dynamic film festival agency located in Berlin, Germany, which specialises in sending films to film festivals worldwide and represents award-winning short and feature films.
    Our goal is to support film students and up-and-coming directors by promoting their works in the international film festival industry.
    Our portfolio includes around 1000 high quality short and feature-length films, which have been screened at festivals like Cannes, Berlinale, Moscow, Shanghai, Palm Springs, Sundance, Locarno, Toronto, Clermont-Ferrand and many, many more!
    We are one of the leading film festival agencies in Europe. In the past six years we have represented dozens German Short Film Award-winners, Austrian and Swiss Film Award-winners, seven Student Oscar-winners, in 2016 one film from our catalogue was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Short Film and in 2017 three of our short films were nominated for the European Film Award.
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    Projects as producer

    2014Ihr SohnShort FilmKatharina WollProduction Support & Distribution
    2013BuschowIndie Feature FilmRosa Friedrich
    2013B.Short FilmKai StänickeAssociate Production & Distribution
    2013Stubborn BoyFeature FilmMoritz KrämerProduction Support & Distribution
    2012Die RaumfahrerShort FilmBastian GaschoProduction Support & Distribution
    2012HomeShort FilmSimona FeldmanProduction Support & Distribution
    2012Draussen ist wo du nicht bistShort FilmFriederike Hoppe
    2012EatShort FilmMoritz KrämerProduction Support & Distribution
    2012ElisabethShort FilmKatharina WollProduction Support & Distribution
    2012FliegenShort FilmKatharina WollProduction Support & Distribution
    2012Bridge (WT)Short FilmRebeca OfekProduction Support & Distribution
    2010MasksFeature FilmAndreas MarschallAssociate Production
    2009BusyShort FilmFelix von Seefranz
    2009Mein SaschaShort FilmMarkus Kaatsch
    2009COSMA - CosmafiaCorporate FilmMarkus Kaatsch
    2008FortunaShort FilmFelix von Seefranz
    2008BoyReportMarkus Kaatsch
    2007Cirrus SummerShort FilmMarkus Kaatsch

    Projects as distributor

    2019Under ConTROLLIndie Feature FilmEric HordesFilm Festival Agency
    2019Starting with FragmentsDocumentaryMultiple
    2019PolleShort FilmLena Junker
    2019EchoMedium Length FilmShamila Lengsfeld
    2019AthenaShort FilmChristian Stahl
    2019Mojsłońik - My Little ElephantIndie Feature FilmSilke Meya
    2019Nicht hier um zu kritisieren - Theater bis der Vorhang fälltDocumentaryMultiple
    2018MenuettShort FilmFelix KarolusFilm Festival Agency
    2018Falter (WT)Short FilmMultipleFilm Festival Agency
    2018Happles HansShort FilmRena DumontFilm Festival Agency
    2018Cat NoirShort FilmO'Neil BürgiFilm Festival Agency
    2018Wall callsDocumentaryKatharina BintzFilm Festival Agency
    2018Jewelry JunkyShort FilmFelix MeinhardtFilm Festival Agency
    2018Black China - Afrika träumt den chinesischen TraumDocumentaryInigo WestmeierFilm Festival Agency
    2018Fasse dich kurz!Short DocumentaryJohannes KlaisFilm Festival Agency
    2018La Via DivinaShort FilmIlaria Di CarloFilm Festival Agency
    2018IdolShort FilmLuisa TarazFilm Festival Agency
    2018LichtBlickShort FilmMatthias HedwigFilm Festival Agency
    2018Der AusflugMedium Length FilmJürgen KarasekFilm Festival Agency
    2018Hotel AuschwitzFeature FilmCornelius SchwalmFilm Festival Agency


    • Markus Kaatsch
      Department:Founder & Managing Director
      Phone:+49 30 61620068

    Branch offices

    • Berlin
      Riemannstr. 21 (aug&ohr medien)10961  BerlinGermany
      Phone:+49 30 61620068

    Company data

    Date of company foundation2007
    Permanent employees20
    Immediate working areaHead office: Berlin
    Branch offices: Berlin