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About Martin Busker

Martin Busker is a German filmmaker, who was born on January 10, 1980 in Emden, Germany. He is based in Berlin. He started working with film at the age of 12. After graduating from school, he did a training as a media designer and freelanced for several television broadcast companies. After that he worked as an assistant director and began his career on film sets. In 2004, he started to study film directing at the Filmacademy Baden-Württemberg and graduated 2011. Many of his short films were awarded around the world.

After film school, he began his professional directing career with a stereoscopic mystery series for television broadcaster ProSieben. "Grimmsberg", created by screenwriter Fabian Hebestreit, was the first show in German television, broadcast in Stereo 3D. After that, he worked on several TV series, like the coming of age show "Sturmfrei" an "The Mockridges", a family sitcom.

Martin Busker recently wrapped his first feature film "Zoros Solo" that will be released in 2019.

Film projects in other capacities

2018Zoros SoloFeature FilmMartin BuskerH & V Entertainment GmbH (formerly Hofmann & Voges Entertainment GmbH)screenwriter
2010Hallmark - CloserSpec CommercialStephanie WagnerFilmakademie Baden-Württemberg [de]1st assistant director
2009Two and a Half HeroesShort Film, arte, BR [de], SWR [de]Martin BuskerFilmakademie Baden-Württemberg [de]screenwriter
200860. Jahre Menschenrechte - Run for your Rights (Social Spot)CommercialJanine WolfLobocito Filmprop master
2006HerzHaftShort FilmMartin BuskerFilmakademie Baden-Württemberg [de]screenwriter
2005Kleine WürstchenShort FilmMartin BuskerFilmakademie Baden-Württemberg [de]screenwriter
2004Gladius DaemonisShort FilmStefan SchusterStefan Schuster Produktion [de]1st assistant director
2003Mission Impossible - Der Fall Klaus RuggaberShort FilmSabine DrzisgaFraunhofer-Institut IAIS / Medienproduktion1st assistant director
2003Gemeinsam EinsamShort FilmSabine DrzisgaSabine Drzisga Produktion1st assistant director
2003De VeritateShort FilmJenny GandOliver Menebröcker Produktion1st assistant camera
2003Ausbildung schafft ZukunftReportMartin BuskerFraunhofer-Institut IAIS / Medienproduktionscreenwriter
2002Schloss Birlinghoven - 100 years of historyDocumentaryMartin BuskerFraunhofer-Institut IAIS / Medienproduktionscreenwriter
200125 Jahre Betriebssport BirlinghovenReportRaimund CürtenFraunhofer-Institut IAIS / Medienproduktioneng camera
1999Ferne UferShort FilmMartin BuskerCreativ Video [de]screenwriter
1999Ferne UferShort FilmMartin BuskerCreativ Video [de]director of photography

Film awards

2012Two and a Half HeroesPrix Jeunesse InternationalPreis der internationale JuryWinner
2012Two and a Half HeroesPrix Jeunesse International12-15 JahreWinner
2011Two and a Half HeroesFilmzeit KaufbeurenPublikumspreisWinner
2011Two and a Half HeroesSichuan TV Festival [cn]Golden Panda Awards for Students - Bestes DrehbuchWinner
2011Two and a Half HeroesRoshd International Educational Filmfestival [ir]Golden StatueWinner
2011Two and a Half HeroesFilmschau Baden-WürttembergLobende ErwähnungWinner
2011Two and a Half HeroesDer goldene SpatzKurzspielfilm, Serie/ReiheWinner
2011Two and a Half HeroesMax-Ophüls-Preis 2011Mittellanger FilmWinner
2010Roller CoasterInt. Shortfilm Festival of Cergy-Pontoise [fr]Best DirectorWinner
2009Roller CoasterWendland ShortsPublikumspreisWinner
2009Roller CoasterInt. Student Film and Video Festival Peking 2009 [Silver Film AwardWinner
2009Roller CoasterKinder-Medien-Festival Goldener Spatz 2009KurzspielfilmNominated
2008HerzHaftUnabhängiges Filmfestival OsnabrückKurzfilm WettbewerbNominated
2008HerzHaftFilmfest DresdenNationaler WettbewerbNominated
2008HerzHaftFilmschau Baden-WürttembergFörderpreis KurzfilmWinner
2008HerzHaftFilmbewertungsstelle WiesbadenPrädikat wertvollWinner
2008Roller CoasterHighlightsBester FilmWinner
2007HerzHaftLesbisch-Schwule-Filmtage HamburgMade in GermanyWinner
2006KopflastigOhne Kohle FestivalAnimation 2Winner
2006KopflastigFilmbewertungsstelle WiesbadenPrädikat wertvollWinner
1999Ferne UferProduzenten Clip - Berliner MedienfestivalNachwuchsfilm 18-25 JahreWinner

Basic data

LanguagesCzech (Basic knowledge), English (Fluent), French (Basic knowledge), Persian / Farsi (Basic knowledge)
Experience abroadEastern Europe: Czech Republic
Immediate working areaBerlin
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Berlin