Projects saved at Crew United

    2014Hyundai - 70 Filme sweded in 10 MinutenCommercialgaffer
    2013B/S/H Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte - EnergieCorporate Filmdirector of photography
    2013Trigger PlayShort Feature Filmgaffer
    2012How to get a Girl in 60 secondsShort Feature Filmgaffer
    2012Never GoneShort Feature Film1st assistant camera
    2012Never GoneShort Feature Filmgaffer
    2012Tape_13Feature Filmgaffer
    2012Sander S. Thompson - Free LoveMusic Videodirector of photography
    2011VW up! - ChamäleonCommercialelectrician
    2011Chasse au lapinShort Feature Film1st assistant director
    2011Calvin Klein - MimikrySpec Commercialgaffer
    2010Alle Jahre wiederTV Series, NDR [de]DIT digital imaging technician
    2010TED - Ideas worth spreadingSpec Commercialgaffer
    2009Every Year AgainShort Feature FilmDIT digital imaging technician
    2008Coke Zero - ZeroSpec Commercialgaffer
    2008KeimaruShort Documentaryelectrician
    20082084Short Feature Filmgaffer
    2008Withered Flowers BloomingShort Feature Filmgaffer
    2008Ghosts of WarShort Feature Filmdirector
    2008Primero Verlag GmbH  - UtopiaSpec Commercialgaffer