Projects saved at Crew United

    2015Wise Guys - Live in Wien (DVD, Blu-Ray)Concert Recordingdirector of photography
    2013Kasperl StückeTV-Show, ORF [at]director of photography
    2013Depeche Mode - Live in Vienna (Album Release of Delta Machine)Concert Recordingstudio camera operator
    2012Tribute to Lukas ResetaritsTV-Eventstudio camera operator
    2009Electronic Beats Festival Graz 2009Concert Recordingstudio camera operator
    2008Electronic Beats Festival Graz 2008Concert Recordingcamera operator
    2008Electronic Beats Festival Berlin 2008Concert Recordingstudio camera operator
    2008Amadeus Austrian Music Awards 2008TV-Event, Puls 4 [at]camera operator
    2007Christina Stürmer - Lebe Lauter Live in Wien (DVD)Music Videocamera operator
    2007Electronic Beats Festival Vienna 2007Concert Recordingstudio camera operator
    2006Electronic Beats Festival Wien 2006Concert Recordingcamera operator
    2001Mad LegsTV Series, ORF [at]camera operator