Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2017Avengers - Infinity WarFeature FilmGroot [L] Hans-Eckart Eckhardt
    2016Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2Feature FilmGroot [L] Hans-Eckart Eckhardt
    2015Billy Lynn's Long Halftime WalkFeature FilmShroom [L]
    2015The Last Witch HunterFeature FilmKaulder [L]Martin Keßler
    2012The Fast and the Furious 6Feature FilmDominic Toretto [L]
    2011Fast FiveFeature FilmDominic Toretto [L]
    2009Fast & Furious New Model. Original parts.Feature FilmDominic „Dom“ Toretto [L]Martin Keßler
    2007Babylon A.D.Feature FilmToorop [L]
    2002xXxFeature FilmXander Cage [L] Marco Kröger
    1997Saving Privat RyanFeature FilmPrivate Adrian Caparzo [SR] Marco Kröger
    1997StraysFeature FilmRick [L] Marco Kröger