Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    201510 Jahr Brangelina - Ihre Liebe, ihre Macht, ihre MillionenDocumentary, RTLAngelina Jolie [L] Dana Friedrich
    2014By The SeaFeature FilmVanessa [L]Claudia Urbschat-Mingues
    2013The CourtDocumentary, SWR [de]Support of the ICC
    2010The TouristFeature FilmElise Clifton-Ward [L]
    2009Jane’s Journey - Die Lebensreise der Jane GoodallDocumentaryselbst [SR]
    2009SaltFeature FilmEvelyn Salt [L]Claudia Urbschat-Mingues
    2007WantedFeature FilmFox [L]
    2006The Good ShepherdFeature FilmClover / Margaret Ann Russell [L]Claudia Urbschat-Mingues
    2004Sky Captain and the World of TomorrowFeature FilmFranky [SR]Claudia Urbschat-Mingues
    2003Lara Croft Tomb Raider - The Cradle of LifeFeature FilmLara Croft [L]
    1997GiaTV MovieGia Marie Carangi [L]
    1995HackersFeature FilmKate Libby [L]