Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    20177 Days in EntebbeFeature FilmShimon Peres [L]
    2015Atomic BlondeFeature FilmSpyglass [SR]
    2015The ExceptionFeature FilmHeinrich Himmler [L]
    2014Ray DonovanTV Series, Showtime [us]Terry Donovan [SS]
    2014Jonathan Strange and Mr. NorellTV Series, BBC [uk]Mr. Norell [L]
    2012Ray DonovanTV Series, Showtime [us]Terry Donovan [SS]
    2012The Best of MenTV Movie, BBC [uk]Dr. Ludwig Guttmann [L]
    2012FilthFeature FilmBladesey [SR]
    2011I, AnnaFeature FilmD.I. Kevin Franks [SR]
    2008God on TrialTV Movie, BBC [uk]Lieble [SR]
    2008Me & Orson WellesFeature FilmJohn Houseman [SR]
    2006Sixty-SixFeature FilmManny Rubens [L]
    2006I Want CandyFeature FilmDoug Perry [SR]
    2005Mission: Impossible IIIFeature FilmBrownway [SR]
    2005The IllusionistFeature FilmJosef Fischer [SR]Hans Bayer