Projects saved at Crew United

    2018Multipolster GmbH- Roomba RobotCommercialdirector
    2018Comedy Central NewsTV-Show, Comedy Central [de]director
    2018Nescafe - Dolce Gusto Spring CampainCommercialdirector
    2017Marlboro - Freak Out (intern)Commercialdirector
    2017KäuferPortal GmbH - Fachberater PresenterCorporate Filmdirector
    2017Comedy Central NewsTV-Show, Comedy Central [de]director
    2016Sky - Bundesliga 2016/2017Station IDdirector
    2016My struggle - against right-wing extremism and racismCommercialdirector
    2016Sky - Bundesliga 2017. FreundschaftswerbungCommercialdirector
    2016Next 47 - We are nextImage Filmdirector
    2016Die nacksche Kanöne (2 Internetclips)Series Pilot, Funk [de]director
    2016Sky - Xmas. FreundschaftswerbungCommercialdirector
    2016Sky - Bundesliga 2016. FreundschaftswerbungCommercialdirector
    2016Medpex - Wohlfühl-FamilyCommercialdirector
    2016Sky - PrincessCommercialdirector
    2015Ebay - WeihnachtswichtelCommercialdirector of photography
    2015Ebay - WeihnachtswichtelCommercialdirector
    2015IGA Berlin 2017 - feat. BergeImage Filmdirector
    2015Lufthansa - Ripple MakerCommercialdirector
    2014European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) - The Price You PayCommercialdirector