Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2016Mes Amiesmedium length FilmAgathe [L]
    2015Brother and SisterFeature FilmNina
    2014Sin & Illy still aliveFeature FilmIlly´s Mutter [SR]
    2014MissionShort Feature FilmPolizistin I [SR]
    2012ElisabethShort Feature FilmElisabeth [L]
    2010Der KriminalistTV Series, ZDF [de]Frau [LE]
    2010Out offShort Feature FilmNina [L]
    2009EgoisteShort Feature FilmAntonia [SR]
    2008Nuit de ChienFeature FilmAgnes [SR]
    2007HeadshotFeature FilmAgentin [SR]
    2006I do adoreFeature FilmFrau im Auto [L]
    2005The UnpolishedFeature FilmLily [SR]
    2005City Of LightShort Feature FilmMyrna [L]