Jan Raiber
  • director (6)
  • director of photography (4)
Born 1980 in Nordhausen (38 Years)


    • Soufi Souls
      Working on a 360°3D dokumentary about a islamic soufi-group in south-Germany.
    • 360°3D VR-Films
      Working on different kinds of VR-productions for businesses and industry.

    About Jan Raiber

    Since 1999, I made films. Starting editing with Steenbeck, i worked in almost every aspect of a movie-production. Firstly digital editing, than color grading, compositing and VFX.
    During my studies at the Filmakademie in Ludwigsburg working as a cameraman became more and more important.

    I was mostly interested in task, where i ditn't had a lot of experiences. New challenges are my pleasure, regardless of working on a big movie-set ore alone at a documentary-shooting.

    Also video-installations in different international museums belong to my repertoire. The non-linear narrative and the interaction with the audience fascinated me.

    Since 2016 I got into 360°3D / VR and have realised different productions. Especially the discovery of new forms of expression with this new media, excites me, albeit there is nothing more than telling a good story.

    Film projects in other capacities

    2018Freiburg im FrühlingShort Documentary Jan Raibersurrandom Filmproduktion, Jan Raiber360 VR operator
    2017ColonnaShort Feature FilmBerthold BockMoonfilm (formerly Indigofilm)production sound mixer
    2017BravStage Play RecordingMarcelo MiguelTheater Instrumental360 VR operator
    2017Helenes BriefeStage Play RecordingPetra WagnerMoonfilm (formerly Indigofilm)360 VR operator custom Rig
    2016Gutes Wedding, schlechtes WeddingTV Series, RBB [de]Moritz LaubeLobocito Filmcamera operator
    2016Vigelius tanztTrailer Jakob ReinhartJakob Reinhart Filmproduktionproduction sound mixer
    2016AussteigenDocumentaryPetra K. WagnerMoonfilm (formerly Indigofilm)editor
    2015YaqupShort Feature FilmYüksel YolcuYüksel Yolcu Produktion [de]production sound mixer
    2011HerbstkindTV Movie, BR [de]Petra K. Wagner Bavaria Fiction GmbH (formerly Bavaria Fernsehproduktion)2nd unit dop
    2011KEDIShort Documentary Stefan NeubergerFilmakademie Baden-Württemberg [de]colorist
    2010Verloren ist in mirShort Feature FilmBerthold BockMoonfilm (formerly Indigofilm)colorist
    2010Children Rights - BullyingCommercialNavid AbriLobocito Filmcolorist
    2010Children Rights - RacismCommercialNavid AbriLobocito Filmcolorist
    2010Children Rights - PovertyCommercialNavid AbriLobocito Filmcolorist
    2010Children Rights - Right to be heardCommercialNavid AbriLobocito Filmcolorist
    2010Children Rights - ViolenceCommercialNavid AbriLobocito Filmcolorist
    2009Der Duft von HolunderTV Movie, Degeto [de]Petra K. WagnerFilmpool Fiction GmbH (vormals Filmpool Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH) [de]2nd unit dop
    2009ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel - Junge Augen (Trailer)Trailer, ZDF [de]MultipleFilmakademie Baden-Württemberg [de]colorist
    2008Die MaßnahmeDocumentaryMaik BialkFilmakademie Baden-Württemberg [de]colorist
    200860. Jahre Menschenrechte - Run for your Rights (Social Spot)CommercialJanine WolfLobocito Filmcolorist

    Film awards

    2010All my FathersDas Fünf-Seen-Filmfestival 2010Nachwuchsförderpreis - Die kleine silberne SchaleWinner
    2008PhilanthropHobnox - Evolution ContestBester FilmWinner
    2007Philanthrop8. Landshuter Filmfestival 20072.Platz PublikumspreisWinner
    2007Philanthropkontrast-Das Kurzfilmfestival in BayreuthJury-HauptpreisWinner
    2007PhilanthropLeipzig Kurzsüchtig 2007PublikumspreisWinner


    2010Filmschau Baden-Württemberg - Filmpreis Dokumentarfilm
    2010Molisecinema Italien - Bester Dokumentarfilm
    2010Fünf-Seen-Filmfestival - Nachwuchsförderpreis
    2010International Filmfestival Amsterdam - nominiert für den besten Studentenfilm
    2010Univerciné Nantes - Juri-Preis: bester Film Europas
    2008PRÄDIKAT: wertvoll
    2007Publikumspreis in Landshut
    2006Juryhauptpreis in Bayreut

    Basic data

    LanguagesEnglish (Good), French (Basic knowledge), German (Native speaker), Spanish (Basic knowledge)
    Experience abroadAustralia and Oceania: New Zealand
    North Africa: Egypt, Morocco
    North America: USA
    Northern Europe: Sweden
    Eastern Europe: Russia
    Southern Europe: Spain, Turkey
    Western Europe: France, Switzerland
    Special skillsIf i'm working as a cameraman (or in other departments) i preserve the view of an author. I'm not making just pictures, i focus on the story. In 360° this is even a more challenging task.
    Own equipmentCamera (2D):
    - 1 BMPCC4K + Optik-Set (Leica+Zeiss)
    - Sachtler-Tripod, Shoulderrig, Steadycam (12kg)
    - Gimbal: MoVi M5

    360°3D-VR Cam:
    - insta360Pro (stereoscopic)
    - Gopro Fusion (monoscopic)
    - selfmade-Rig from 6xYi4K (like GoogleJump) (360mono, 180Stereo)
    - Moza 360°-Gimbal

    - LED Lights (25-200W), Softboxes etc.
    - Arri Light 3x800W
    - 360°Light

    - Sounddevices 788T
    - Schoeps double-MS Surround-Mics
    - Schoeps Super-CMIT Digital Shotgun
    - Sennheiser transmitters
    - Lectrosonics transmitters
    - 2x Sennheiser Mke2
    - 2x Tascam DR-10
    - Zoom h2n Spatial Audio Recorder
    - Zoom H3-VR 360° Spatial Audio-Recorder

    - 2 editing-systems (Avid+Premiere)
    - 2 Workstations with Adobe Creative-Suite
    - Protools System (with Waves-Plugins)
    - DaVinci-Grading
    - Stitching with CaraVR und MistikaVR
    - Compositing with Nuke and AE
    - Cinema4D with Octane Renderer
    - different Plugins&Tools

    - Sanyo-Projector (4500AL)
    - transportable Stumpfl-Screen (7mx4m)
    - MEG Soundsystem (Stereo)
    Educationapprenticeship to "Film- und Videoeditor" at Digital-Images GmbH in Halle/Saale (1999-2002)
    Academic Studies (Directing) at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg (2005-2010)
    Further referencesIn addition to movie-productions i made different design projects and video-installations for museum, exhibitions and trade fairs.
    Preferred place of work- Directing (also assistant)
    - Camera (also operator)
    - Sound (with my own equipment)
    - Editing (Avid is my favorite)
    - Grading (DaVinci, DigitalVision, Avid, etc.)
    - VFX (After Effects, Nuke, C4D, etc.)
    Immediate working areaFreiburg
    1st residence (federal state or country)Baden-Württemberg
    2nd residence (where applicablen)Leipzig
    Accommodation possibilitiesBerlin, Munich