Projects saved at Crew United

    2016Take me to the land of JihadShort Filmeditor
    2014NighsessionDocumentary Featureeditor
    2014RevolutionShort Filmeditor
    2010Mexican Elvis - Washington D.C.Music Videoeditor
    2009Africa Light - Gray ZoneShort Filmdramaturgical editing advisor
    2008The GrandfatherShort Film1st assistant director
    2007Party of the AgedDocumentaryeditor
    2007Party of the AgedDocumentarysound designer
    2006Vögel ohne BeineSeries Piloteditor
    2006WalletsShort Filmeditor
    2006WalletsShort Filmsound designer
    2006Miss Pabst & Miss WuestDocumentaryeditor
    2005Marta und der fliegende GrossvaterIndie Feature Filmeditor
    2005Marta und der fliegende GrossvaterIndie Feature Film1st assistant director
    2005Anthony Rother - What Is Love?Music Videoeditor
    2004ShowtimeShort Filmeditor
    2004Black StrawberriesShort Filmeditor
    2003DownShort Filmeditor
    2003DownShort Filmdirector