Projects saved at Crew United

    2017The Death and Life of John F. DonovanFeature Filmcomposer
    2015The PromiseFeature Filmcomposer
    2015ChocolatFeature Filmcomposer
    2015Si tu voyais son coeurFeature Filmcomposer
    2013Tom à la fermeFeature Filmcomposer
    2012Therese RaquinFeature Filmcomposer
    2011A Royal Affair / Caroline Mathildes årFeature Filmcomposer
    2010In the Land of Blood and HoneyFeature Filmcomposer
    2009Coco Chanel & Igor StravinskyFeature Filmcomposer
    2005Gelbe SchattenShort Filmcomposer
    2004The Lives of OthersFeature Filmcomposer
    2002PossessionFeature Filmcomposer
    1996The English PatientFeature Filmcomposer
    1990La putain du roiFeature Filmcomposer
    1988Camille ClaudelFeature Filmcomposer