Projects saved at Crew United

    2017Adidas - 360° Football ProgrammImage Seriesdirector of photography
    2016Hewlett Packard Enterprise - Messeporträt CeBIT 2016Commercialdirector of photography
    2015Milliarden - Oh CherieMusic Videodirector
    2015BTNG - KevlarMusic Videodirector
    2015BTNG - Gewachsen auf BetonMusic Videodirector
    2012Mia - FallschirmMusic Videodirector
    2010The BossHoss - Have Love Will TravelMusic Videodirector
    2010Selig - Von Ewigkeit zu EwigkeitMusic Videodirector
    2010Michael Squire - Gimme FeelingMusic Videodirector
    2009Silvester - WiedersehenMusic Videodirector
    2009Silvester - Du willst mehrMusic Videodirector
    2008Mia. - Mein FreundMusic Videodirector
    2008Mia. - MausenMusic Videodirector
    2007Muff Potter - FotoautomatMusic Videodirector
    2006Miss BagdhadIndie Feature Filmproducer
    2006Miss BagdhadIndie Feature Filmdirector
    2006Miss BagdhadIndie Feature Filmdirector of photography
    2006Soffy O - Everybody's DarlingMusic Videodirector
    2006Spitting of Tall Buildings - Fuck UpsMusic Videodirector
    2006Mia. - ZirkusMusic Videodirector