Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2016The SuperFeature FilmWalter [L]
    2012Deep in the HeartFeature FilmThe Bearded Man [L]
    2012Song to SongFeature FilmDuane [SR]
    20105 Days of AugustFeature FilmDutchman [L]
    2009The Steam ExperimentFeature FilmJames Pettis (Jimmy) [L]
    2008Bad Lieutenant - Port of Call New OrleansFeature FilmStevie Pruit [SR]
    2008Knight RiderTV SeriesK.I.T.T. [SR]
    2006PlayedFeature FilmDillon [L]
    2005Deja VuFeature FilmAgent Pryzwarra [L]
    2003WonderlandFeature FilmJohn Holmes [L]
    2002MindhuntersFeature FilmJake Harris [L]
    1993True RomanceFeature FilmMentor [L]Manfred Lehmann
    1990The DoorsFeature FilmJim Morrison [L]