Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2011The Greening of Whitney BrownTV MovieDusty Brown [SR]
    2010Dolphin TaleFeature FilmReed Haskett [SR]
    2008Powder BlueFeature FilmRandall [SR]
    2006Fast Food NationFeature FilmRudy Martin [SR]Hartmut Becker
    2004Lives Of The SaintsTV Movie (multi-part)Matthew Bok [L]Hartmut Becker
    2004The JacketFeature FilmDr. Thomas Becker [SR]Hartmut Becker
    2003Where The Red Fern GrowsFeature FilmOlder Billy Coleman [L]
    1998Outlaw JusticeFeature FilmJesse Ray Torrance [L]Hartmut Becker
    1998A Soldier's Daughter Never CriesFeature FilmBill Willis [L]Hartmut Becker
    1998JoyriderFeature FilmEddie [SR]Hartmut Becker
    1971The Last MovieFeature FilmMusiker [SR]