Projects saved at Crew United

    2007Andreas Stihl AG & Co. KG - SägespäneCommerciallocation scout
    2007MINI Cooper - H.O.M.P. - Mini Baby Racer, The other Tiger, Cuckoo ClockCommercialunit manager3 Filme
    2007C&A - PresaleCommercialunit manager
    2006Children for a better World - HungerCommercialproducer
    2006Merz Spezial Dragees - ArchitektinCommercialproduction coordinator
    2006Europoker - HaiCommercialset manager / 3rd AD
    2006Hilcona - Das Vierte (Trailer)Commercialset manager / 3rd AD
    2006Toshiba - ScreenshotCommercialproduction coordinator
    2006Gabor Schuhe - Koffer vermisstCommercialset manager / 3rd AD
    2005Triumph - SqueezeCommercialset manager / 3rd AD
    2005Aoste - Salami, PatéCommercialassistant production manager
    2005Lotto - Tantchen. Karten fürs EröffnungsspielCommercialassistant production manager
    2005Gabor - Gleich fertig, VerzichtCommercialassistant production manager
    2004AdvoCard Rechtsschutz - Kraftpaket / Schon erledigtCommercialassistant production manager
    2004McDonalds - EinmaleinsCommercialassistant to producer