Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2017Boy ErasedFeature FilmMarshall Eamons [L]
    2016The MummyFeature FilmHenry Jekyll [L]
    2016The Nice GuysFeature FilmJackson Healy [L] Martin Umbach
    2014The Water DivinerFeature FilmJoshua Connor [L]
    2012Les MisérablesFeature FilmJavert [L]
    2012NoahFeature FilmNoah [L]
    2009Robin HoodFeature FilmRobin Hood / Sheriff of Nottingham [L] Martin Umbach
    2009The Next Three DaysFeature FilmJohn Brennan [L] Martin Umbach
    2009State of PlayFeature FilmCal McAffrey [L] Martin Umbach
    2007Body of LiesFeature FilmEd Hoffman [L] Martin Umbach
    2006American GangsterFeature FilmDetective Richie Roberts [L] Martin Umbach
    2006a good yearFeature FilmMax Skinner [L] Martin Umbach
    2002Master and Commander - The Far Side of the WorldFeature FilmJack Aubrey [L]
    2000A Beautiful MindFeature FilmJohn Nash [L]