Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2016Spider-Man - HomecomingFeature FilmPepper Potts [SR]Katrin Fröhlich
    2012Iron Man 3Feature FilmPepper Potts [L]
    2011The AvengersFeature FilmPepper Potts [SR]
    2010ContagionFeature FilmBeth Emhoff [L]Katrin Fröhlich
    2009Iron Man 2Feature FilmPepper Potts [L]
    2007Iron ManFeature FilmPepper Potts [L]
    2004Sky Captain and the World of TomorrowFeature FilmPolly Perkins [L]Katrin Fröhlich
    2002PossessionFeature FilmMaud Bailey [L]
    2000View from the TopFeature FilmDonna Jensen [L]
    1999The Talented Mr. RipleyFeature FilmMarge Sherwood [L]Katrin Fröhlich
    1998Shakespeare in LoveFeature FilmViola De Lesseps [L]