Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2015RootsTV SeriesFiddler [SS]Tobias Meister
    2015ArrivalFeature FilmColonel G. T. Weber [L]Tobias Meister
    201496 Hours - Taken 3Feature FilmFranck Dotzler [L]
    2013ZuluFeature FilmAli Sokhela [L]
    2013The ButlerFeature FilmCecil Gaines [L]Tobias Meister
    2011Criminal Minds - Suspect BehaviourTV Series, ABC [us]Sam Cooper [SS]
    2009Repo MenFeature FilmJake [L]Tobias Meister
    2008Powder BlueFeature FilmCharlie [L]
    2008Street KingsFeature FilmCaptain Jack Wander [L]Tobias Meister
    2007The Great DebatersFeature FilmDr. James Farmer Sr [SR]
    2007Vantage PointFeature FilmHoward Lewis [L]
    2005The Last King of ScotlandFeature FilmIdi Amin [L]
    2005A Little Trip to HeavenFeature FilmAbe Holt [L]
    2004MaryFeature FilmTed Younger [L]Tobias Meister
    2002Panic RoomFeature FilmBurnham [SR]
    1999Battelfield EarthFeature FilmKer [L]
    1998Ghost Dog - The Way of the SamuraiFeature FilmGhost Dog [L]Tobias Meister
    1992The Crying GameFeature FilmJody [L]