Projects saved at Crew United

    2015The Magnificent SevenFeature Filmcomposer
    2014Le dernier loupFeature Filmcomposer
    2011For Greater Glory - The True Story of CristiadaFeature Filmcomposer
    2010Black GoldFeature Filmcomposer
    2010Panasonic - SkydivingCommercialcomposer
    2009Karate KidFeature Filmcomposer
    2007AvatarFeature Filmcomposer
    2005ApocalyptoFeature Filmcomposer
    2005All the King's MenFeature Filmcomposer
    2003TroyFeature Filmcomposer
    1996TitanicFeature Filmcomposer
    1995JumanjiFeature Filmcomposer
    1995Apollo 13Feature Filmcomposer
    1995RansomFeature Filmcomposer
    1985The Name of the RoseFeature Filmcomposer