Projects saved at Crew United

    2012Up to the Sky - Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower, TokyoDocumentary (Series), arteco-director
    2012Up to the Sky - Missing Matrix, SeoulDocumentary (Series), artedirector
    2012Faszination Wolkenkratzer - Stern von Sendling, MünchenDocumentary (Series)director
    2012MetropolisTV Magazine, artedirector
    2011Up to the Sky - Aqua, ChicagoDocumentary (Series), artedirector
    2011MetropolisTV Magazine, artedirector
    2010Christian Stückl - Mein LebenDocumentarydirector
    2010MetropolisTV Magazine, artedirector
    2009Carl Djerassi - Mein LebenDocumentarydirector
    2009Up to the Sky - Torre Agbar, BarcelonaDocumentary (Series)director
    2009Up to the Sky - Hearst Tower, New YorkDocumentary (Series)director
    2009MetropolisTV Magazine, arteproducer
    2008Up to the Sky - Turning Torso in MalmöDocumentary (Series), arte, ZDF [de]director
    2008MetropolisTV Magazine, arteproducer
    2007MetropolisTV Magazine, arteproducer
    2006MetropolisTV Magazine, arteproducer
    2005MetropolisTV Magazine, arteproducer
    2004Peppers and Nudes - The Photographer Edward WestonDocumentarydirector
    2000HipHop de LuxeDocumentarydirector
    1999Heavy Beats and Ready RhymesShort Documentarydirector