Projects saved at Crew United

    2018Zimmer Gesucht!Series
    2018Lumber TomEducation/Training Production
    2018SchussShort Feature Film
    2018TurteltaubenShort Feature Film
    2017Das dritte RadShort Feature Film
    2016August 96Short Feature Film
    2016Woodkid - Conquest of Spaces (Spec)Music Video
    2016Out of OrbitShort Feature Film
    2016Soju - Spirit of KoreaShort Documentary
    2016DissonanzShort Feature Film
    2015RevelerShort Feature Film
    2015Polycam - For Keeping. For sharing. ForeverSpec CommercialFach Medienwissenschaft
    2015UntoldShort Feature Film
    2015Die Leiden des jungen D.Short Feature Film
    2015Der MogulShort Feature Film
    2015Zwei LebenShort Feature Film
    2014Best Bayreuther Ever! (Webserie)Series PilotFach Medienwissenschaft
    2014Stoff für's HerzShort Feature Film
    2014Badaboom! - FacesMusic Video
    2014Everybody Dies SomedayShort Feature Film