Projects saved at Crew United

    2017Google - A Growth Engine for Europe (2 Filme)Commercialdirector of photography
    2016Der Krieg in mir (Vormals: Der Krieg in uns)Documentary Featuredirector of photography
    2016Ich, du und die EUTV Magazine, SRF 1 [ch]director of photography
    2015Family ShotsDocumentary Featuredirector of photography
    2013Imagine Waking Up Tomorrow Morning and All Music Had DisappearedDocumentary Featuredirector of photography
    2011Forget me notDocumentary, arte, BR [de], HR [de]director of photography
    2011Die Aupair-OmasReport, WDR [de]director of photography
    2010Heimat, Sex und andere UnzulänglichkeitenFeature Filmdirector of photography
    2009David Wants To FlyDocumentarydirector of photography
    2008SAT.1 Comedy on StageTV-Show, SAT.1 Comedy [de]camera operator
    2007HeadshotFeature Filmlighting designer
    2007SenegallemandDocumentarydirector of photography
    2006Fabulae amorisFeature Filmdirector of photography
    2006Wild ManShort Feature Film, DMAX [de]director of photography
    2004AsylTV Movie, 3satdirector of photography
    2004Nike - Hertha BSCCommercialdirector of photography