Projects saved at Crew United

    2018The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for dictators (aka Wer war Hitler?)Documentary SeriesWorld Sales
    2018Beyond BoobsDocumentary
    2016Armes Europa?Documentary
    2016Henry Miller - Prophet of DesireDocumentary, arte, SWR [de]
    2014Almost ThereDocumentary
    2014Chris the SwissDocumentaryDistribution Suisse / Schweiz
    2012Beyond The WaveDocumentary, BBC [uk], NHK [jp], SVT Sveriges Television [se], WDR [de]
    2012The ultimate badDocumentaryWorld Sales
    2009Man for a DayDocumentary
    2006The Quest for the Missing PieceDocumentary, arte
    2004Die Baroness und das GuggenheimDocumentary
    1999Out of TibetDocumentary