Projects saved at Crew United

    2018Zeitloser RaumShort Documentaryeditor
    2018Zeitloser RaumShort Documentaryproducer
    2018Trends For Kids - Joggster VeloCommercialproducer
    2018Trends For Kids - Joggster VeloCommercialIdea
    2018Trends For Kids - Joggster VeloCommercialdirector
    2018Supreme Needle Art - TattooCommercialproducer
    2018Supreme Needle Art - TattooCommercialIdea
    2018Supreme Needle Art - TattooCommercialdirector
    2018Staudacherhof - BayurvidaCommercialdirector of photography
    2018Staudacherhof - BayurvidaCommercialIdea
    2018Staudacherhof - BayurvidaCommercialeditor
    2018Staudacherhof - BayurvidaCommercialproducer
    2017One Team One GoalShort Documentaryproducer
    2017One Team One GoalShort DocumentaryIdea
    2017One Team One GoalShort Documentarydirector
    2017ReflexShort Feature Filmeditor
    2017ReflexShort Feature Filmproducer
    2017ReflexShort Feature Filmscreenwriter
    2017ReflexShort Feature Filmdirector of photography
    2017ReflexShort Feature Filmdirector