Projects saved at Crew United

    2018Amazon Prime Video - Beat feat. Jodie Calussi, Jonas und SarazarTeasertrainee Assistant Director
    2017#DeineWahl (Webshow)TV-Show, YouTubeset manager / 3rd AD
    2017#DeineWahl (Webshow)TV-Show, YouTubeassistant production manager
    2017Die Funk WahlgemeinschaftTV-Event, Funk [de]production assistant
    2016MR_Robot.exeShort Filmunit manager
    2016CoD Call of Duty - Freundschaftsspiel (Web-Show Livestream)TV-Eventassistant production manager
    2016Game Fnatic - Search for a LegendDocumentary Seriesassistant production manager
    2015Last Man Standing: GenerationsTV-Event, MyVideoassistant to producer
    2015Let's Play Poker (Live-Webshow)TV-Show, MyVideoassistant to producerLPP #12-#15